Book of the month – Tuesdays with Morrie

It’ve decided to start a monthly book favorite which means that each month I will share with you guys my favorite book of the month. Since I love reading I’m so happy to share this passion with you and I can’t wait to hear what you are currently reading.

This month I was inspired by Dear diary book club who motivated me to read a second time Tuesdays with morrie. I remember I read this book  5 years ago but I truly believe that as we are growing and experiencing life we get a different perspective on things and also on books. So I want to thanks the girls from Dear Diary for making me rediscovered this brilliant and meaningful master piece. Tuesday with morrie is a beautiful story between a teacher and a student. Morrie, the teacher is sharing with Mitch, his student, his knowledge and his wisdom. Dying from a disease Morrie allowed us to have a different perspective on life.

  • Focus on the positive in our life

I think what really impressed me in this book is how Morrie remains positive even though his health is getting worse and worse. The way we look at life will define how we feel and how we respond to what life gives us will impact our future. It’s all about the glasses we are wearing to look at the world. We either decide to focus on all the negativity in our life and we will see and attract even more negative, either we focus on what is positive in our life and we will see more positive things coming. Even though he’s dying and his body is getting weaker every single days, Morrie still decided to be grateful for what is still in his life instead of wallowing in self-pity. Sometimes we feel like we have nothing to be grateful for and I asked myself while I was reading the book ” How can Morrie be grateful as he is dying and he can’t even move his body? “. But Morrie was able to appreciate his current state. He had the chance to reflect on his life, to say good-bye and to be surrounded by his loved ones for his lasts days. The loss of his independence, the feeling of powerlessness, and the frustration that came along with being unable to take care of yourself when you are sick is also something we are experiencing with Morrie. However one more time, what matters is how we see what it’s happening to us. In that case, Morrie decided to see death and the fact that getting old is a natural process, it’s like being a baby again. It’s like a return to your childhood. How beautiful is that ? The beauty of having the opportunity to get old, to get wiser. I love how Morrie teaches us how we need to embrace every stage of our life and how we need to learn to put our energy in what we can actually control.

If you are always battling again getting older, you’re always going to be unhappy because it will happen anyhow

Growing old is beautiful. Growing old is a privilege. I often think on how hard we try to maintain our youth. We spend so much time and money trying to get back our youth without truly appreciate our current age and what it has to offer. We should definitely be proud of our age because it just showed us that we lived.

  • Be responsible of our own life.

Morrie is all about creating our own culture which means to be brave enough to do what we love and to change what doesn’t feel right for us. So many people are unhappy, doing things they don’t like, living in a place they don’t like anymore, but are never able to change it. We are so caught up in society’s expectations on how we should behave, what should we do with our life and how are we supposed to live. I truly believe that at the end of the day what truly matters is how YOU want to live. We have the power to create our life.

If your dream is to travel the world, go for it. If your dream is to create your own business, go for it. If your dream is to be a singer, go for it. We choose our life. We choose how we want to live. If you are not comfortable with something, change it. If you don’t like your current job, change it. We can control how we live. We are the designer of our own life.  We need to be aware of that power.

The culture we have does not make people feel good about themselves. And you have to be strong enough to say if the culture doesn’t work, don’t buy it. Create your own.




  • What is really important at the end of the day

How am I spending my time ? What am I investing in ? What is really important ? How am I bringing value to my life ?  Am I living a meaningful life ? 

These questions hit me while I was reading this book.What is really good it’s how it forced you to do some reflection on your own life and to question yourself. Morrie emphasized the fact that simple things are meaningful like : taking care of others, spending quality time with your loved one, dancing and singing, appreciate nature, and spending less time doing insignificant things.

So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They see half-aslpeed, even when they’re busy doing things they think are important. This is because they’re chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning

I can not agree more with Morrie on that point. At the end of the day, what matters the most is how much love we gave to others and how we accept to receive love. Did you ever get this feeling when something unexpected is going on in your life ( someone is very sick or dying) that all your actual problem seemed so small ? Which leads me actually to the importance of expressing our gratitude and love towards other while they are still present ! How strange is that we usually only realize how wonderful someone was when they are not among us anymore and when we did not have the chance to tell them anymore how we loved them ?

In the beginning of life when we are infants, we need others to survive right ? And at the end of life, you need others to survive, right ? But here’s the secret: in between, we need others as well.


Your turn ! Have you read this Book ? Or what are you reading right now? Tell me what you think down below !