Follow me around London

     It was my second time going to one of my favorite city in Europe : London. This little weekend was very spontaneous since I was really missing this city for a while now. Just 2 hours from Paris I didn’t have any excuse ! There is something so special about that city: the architecture, the people and the sweet coffeshops that makes me want to come back more often. It was quite a chill weekend since I really wanted to relax and enjoy the city like a real Londoner instead of running everywhere in order to visit all the touristic spots.  So here’s my highlights of this weekend.

  • Notting Hill

Sometimes all you need is a little splash of colour


Nothing Hill is hands down my favorite spot in London. Full of colors, life and old vintage cars, If you are a color lover like me I will totally recommend you to visit this place if you want to feel the romantic vibes of London.You will love it ! With its unique charm, Notting Hill is definitely one of London’s most desirable area with lots of tourists. So to avoid that and If you want to have Notting Hill just for yourself make sure to go earlier in the morning so you can enjoy and have a nice stroll with theses photogenic streets. Portobello road market, located in Notting Hill, is usually so alive with streets artists that you can’t resist and dance with them. If you are also looking for local fresh fruits or second-hand clothes, you will for sure find your happiness.


Old vintage cars is what you will see the most in this neighborhood.
Photography by Alleksana





  • Chelsea 

The first time I visited London I did not get the chance to see this part of the city. So this time I was so trilled to finally discover Chelsea. Situated in south London, Chelsea is a very beautiful and chic neighborhood with typical English architecture. For those who loves shopping , Chelsea is the fashionable district ! It’s a very dynamic and busy part of London. Last but not least, Chelsea is the world’s most famous flower show where every year the Royal hospital is transformed into beautiful flower show garden. Mix of South Kensington with white victorian houses, and Notting Hill with colorful facades, Chelsea was a great discovery. Make sure to stop at the very popular Peggy Porschen Cakes which is full of delicious cupcakes, beautiful flowers and pink fourniture.


Photography by Gabi Hadiev



  • Piccadilly Circus

Lights and digital advertisements everywhere gives you the feeling to be in an English version of Times Square. It’s the center of London’s hustle and bustle. Sometimes I love to sit and just look at people passing by, whether its people going to work in the morning or travelers taking pictures. Am I the only one ? I just love to observe things around me and I think Piccadilly Circus is definitely the perfect place to do so ! Just stop for a minute and watch the world. You will probably notice a lot of things. It’s definitely a special place in London  .

Piccadilly is the perfect starting point If you want to visit Soho, Chinatown and Oxford street.


Where to have a rest ?

I know how tired it can be when you are walking all day in London especially since it’s a big city with a lot to do ! Hyde park and Kensington Garden are definitely the best spots if you want to take a break, have lunch or make new friends with squirrels and little doggies running everywhere. I love how this city managed to create nice parks where Londoners can have a stroll and relax right in the middle of the city. I was so lucky this year since I get the chance to witness and capture this beautiful park covered by snow which gives such a magic atmosphere to this place. On top of that, the round pond lake was completely frozen and it was quick impressive and funny to see little duckies just chill on top of it !



Your turn ! Share your London’s memories and what would you recommend !